Katie - Owner of Syringa
Syringa is a small/hobby, home cattery dedicated to breeding healthy cats and preserving the Traditional Siberian Cat genealogy lines. Health, type, and temperament are top priority!

We do not breed Neva Masquerade/Color Pointed cats.


International Siberian Breeders Club

The goal of this group is to unite Siberian traditional breeders who are willing to work for the breed and preserve the Siberian cat as a natural breed. We provide education for new breeders, we share information, we cooperate with kitten exchanges, stud service and we have as common goal to bring balance to Siberian gene pool, diversity and to avoid nem mixing.
TICA is the primary registration and membership organization as SYRINGA.

"This cattery has not been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."
CFA is our second membership as KL*SIRINGA. 

"CFA has not, and does not endorse any product or service that I provide, not any opinion that I hold, not statement(s) that I may express."
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